We freezing air system a 10 years old company with assorted experienced in AC allied services holding our head office at Chennai. We have got our prime focus on AC service and maintenance. We are specialized in all AC variants and models irrespective of any brand they are. On analyzing the demand for AC service and as a measure to adhere to development in technology, we have introduced the Mobile App named “AC Serwing” in order to deliver the best service and support at the earliest as 3 hours.

What are the problems we are solving of greater goods?

Prevailing demands for spare parts demand has made us to think about maintaining complete stock for AC spares and we have accomplished that to give customer instant replacement of spares which are scarce in the market.

Dispute and miscommunication between the customer and the Service Engineers and unethical behavior of few service technicians is another major problem that exists in the industry. To overcome this kind of issue we are proving regular training to our executives on customer handling and customer satisfaction. Additionally, all the spare rates are available transparent in the APP and any service that has been done by the service engineers will be calculated online and an E-bill will be sent to the customer directly.

Ac Repaire and service in chennai

What are our hopes & dreams?

Ac Repaire and service in chennai

Making every home air conditioned and provide service at an affordable cost as early as 3 hours.
We would introduce new technology and tools for the service in the future. We aspire to sell all brand of AC in cheapest rate and guaranteed service and support.
We wish to do commercial projects at cheapest in every district and the Service Engineers in the same district will take care of the project.
would work upon to get the service arrival time from 3 hours to 1 hour in the near future.
put immense effort to extend the service to available in every part of the country.

What are we inspiring to change!

Though India is developed digitally the orthodox and secured nature of we Indians are still high. We never are pleased to let any stranger inside the house for the purpose of sales or service. We basically are worried about the safety and security. So Ac Serwing has addressed this problem by means and recruiting background checked (i.e AADHAR Verified) service men.

We have made ourselves with a medium temperature of say 23 degrees at sleep. Any uncomfortable situation will leave us sleepless and spoil our agendas for the next day. So we have brought down the service that has been done on the next day of issue to immediate as fast as within 3 hours.

People don’t know what they are spending for t times they spend more than they need to. So we have decided to help them to reduce the cost of their service & spare by monitoring the Service Engineers. We don’t allow our engineers to change a spare without any purpose at any situation.

Ac Repaire and service in chennai


We provide the fastest solution to any AC related issue. We are providing a cheapest rate for service and spares with the help of globally widened market.
We are selling AC machines for the cheapest rates and giving instant service if any problem arises.
We have developed an APP to make people easier to know about AC and book their service through the same.
from rural areas where mobile App aren’t popular can call us@ 8448449443 for booking their AC service.


We serve directly to the customers by providing the service App.
We serve our clients from commercial and residential section by executing AC projects and providing AMCs to the Commercial clients.


We have developed a Mobile app which has options to select service, sales and AMC. Customers can book their service with 3 clicks in our APP or call the number and book their service.
We are providing the fastest, safest, cheapest service.
We educate customers through our app and our website. We provide free consulting for their HVAC projects and we advise them on cheaper ways to make their residential or commercial AC service and support affordable.

Our Vision

Making every home air-conditioned irrespective of the economic and social class.

Our Mission

ac service Customer


To provide the fastest solution to any AC related issues. We are providing cheapest rates not only for service but also for spares with the help of globally widened market.
To introduce the best and cheapest AC in India with 10 years warranty which has never been imaginable?

ac service Client


To reduce the cost of the commercial or residential project by waiving of the consulting and drawing charges acquired by all other companies.
As we are a direct dealer for all HVAC material and spares, will be able to provide the cheap and best estimate to your project.
Individual teams located in every district totally dedicated for AC Projects to provide fastest rectification and solution for any AC project and service issues.

ac service Employees


Employees will not only be paid but also will be rewarded and trained periodically to attain .001% failure rate in service and support they provide to our customers and client.
A financial backup named ACSERWING TRUST is formed and a safety tools and insurance will be provided to all the employees in order to compensate any unfortunate happenings, if at all.