Cassette Unit

Cassette unit is best to be used in the place where there is no possibility of wall hanging the split unit or roof space to install ducts. Ceiling cassette A/C unit is the most effective in a false ceiling where there is room to accommodate the unit. Since cold air falls towards the floor, it cools down the entire room, provided the fans are powerful. A ceiling cassette A/C unit can cover a fairly large room.

Being on the ceiling also means that it’s not an obstacle in the work place. Since the condenser is located outside the building, a ceiling cassette A/C unit is exceptionally quiet. Because of its adjustable thermostats and variable speed fans, ceiling cassette A/C units are exceptionally energy efficient. It also acts as a purifier because the photo catalytic purification filters can also be used with them to filter the air of pollutants and other harmful particulate.

Ceiling cassette A/C unit needs to have the condenser located outside of the building within 50 feet. An expert suggestion has to be sought before installation in order to avoid excess operational cost as a result of improper installation. Ceiling cassette units are quite small, but still needs a small space in the ceiling as such it can be installed in the fall ceiling.


Air conditioning has become vital in every environment not only in order to make the customers and their clients and their clients experience a cool environment but also make the types of machinery, like computers servers and many other consoles to work continuously and prevent them from getting heated.

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