Ductable Unit

When you need an AC to throw air all over the room or hall and send cooling in an equally distributed way, it’s better to go ahead choosing the Ductable unit. It is available in a twin coil structure and compact sizes. It is used in offices, hotels, gyms, theatres, factories…etc.

It’s the optimal way to cool a large space and a long working hour companies and so on with the benefit that the DuctableACs has long working (heavy duty) compressor and condenser located at the outdoor unit. There two ducts used one to bring in cold air from the outdoor unit and the other to take out hot air from the inside. Both these ducts are entirely insulated and they pass through the non-conditioned area.

Through the ducts, it keeps heating and cooling each of your room individually. This is called zoning. The thermostat present on the wall will allow you to select the desirable temperature and other settings. The Ductable split units are the best choice that you can make when you are raising a new house or refurbishing it. It is the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for cooling as well as heating your house and of course it comes with some notable setbacks.


The Ductable split units are quieter. They have a silent operation
They have the ability to service the entire house. Each room will have a different setting when the ac is zoned.
These Ductable split units are tucked away behind the ceilings and walls and are very discreet.
It helps in maintaining an even temperature throughout the house.

Best Suited For

Residential    Shops    Office    Restaurant    Hotel rooms    Hospital rooms    Institutes    Conference hall    Malls    Theaters